StudioX is a variable that works at once definitely and indefinitely. StudioX negotiates tendencies inside and outside of the norms of production, use, and content. The X as a variable implies objecthood and function. As a concept, StudioX can be extended in all directions. StudioX is scalable.

StudioX refuses categorization. In this context, authorship is an irrelevant, useless, and secondary concept; things define themselves as autonomous in service of meaning. Their application within this framework is not predetermined. This ambivalence between function and object extends to the objects’ materiality and construction. Each object implies a unique use but does not require it.

The subject of analysis is not the human alone, but rather the human’s objects. Given that content, form, and context can never be fully elaborated, X serves as a multifactorial supplement. The X becomes the interlinking sign of meaning, science, society, religion, and popular culture.

StudioX expresses its appreciation for your time.